Leitner-Wise Long Advance Bolt Carrier Group

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In response to demand we are releasing a limited number of the complete Leitner-Wise Bolt Carrier Group.

This comprises of the Long Advance Bolt Carrier, with corrected cam path and Industrial Hard Chrome Plating. The Combat Match Bolt, with fully supported bolt face, strengthened lug design, proprietary designed chrome silicon wire extractor spring, all stainless steel hardware, and proprietary black spring insert. The Precision Cam Pin, with tighter tolerances, advanced head design and trademark directional arrow for uniform parts lapping. Industrial Hard Chrome plated Titanium Firing Pin, that addresses all the deficiencies associated with prior attempts to use titanium for this purpose, and a mil-standard style Firing Pin Retaining Pin.

All Bolt Carrier Groups have unique matching serialized Carriers and Bolts.

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