Leitner-Wise LLC will always be known for the gas piston operating system. The original MARKFOUR Rifle designed in the early 2000’s continues today as LWRCI’s M6, IC, REPR and derivatives. The development of LWRCI’s operating system ceased after Paul’s departure, but we continued the evolution and developed the MARKFIVE and MARKSIX.

Our 2010 designed Operating System is the next generation of piston driven technology and powers the MARKSIX, but elements of it are found in the MARKFIVE. For owners of the LWRC International range of M6 and IC rifles we offer a Remastering Program to upgrade those firearms to current Leitner-Wise LLC MARKFIVE specifications; the weapon we believe should have been built.

Our Approach

Leitner-Wise LLC is known for “out-of-the-box” thinking and rightly so, but that’s not how we approach the development and design of a new product.

The key is to identify the problem, and with this done the solution presents itself. Just copying what has gone before without fully understanding whether it’s correct, or comprehending the process that went into its development is not enough. The greatest compliment we get for our design solutions is when people say “why didn’t I think of that?” Well, you didn’t.

The solutions we’ve offered over the last 20 years have been duplicated many times, but our original work stands, and when looked at today, is still regarded as innovative.

There’s a reason why our customers appreciate our products and manufacturers seek our help and expertise. We do it right, it works as intended, and the designs are timeless. We weren’t born to follow.

Our Story

Leitner-Wise Rifle Co (LWRC) was founded in October 1999. In October 2006, Paul Leitner-Wise left LWRC, and in 2008 the company was acquired and renamed LWRC International LLC.

After leaving, Paul began a decade of consulting and research and development. This work led directly to the formation of Leitner-Wise LLC in 2016. Since then the company has been consolidating and perfecting a range of products which they are now releasing. 

Over the course of two decades, Paul has been granted 15 patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office of which 13 are directly firearms related, these include:

  • Modular Receiver System. Granted January 2008
  • Gas Operating System. Granted December 2008. The infamous ‘581 patent
  • Firearm Bolt. Granted June 2010
  • Weapon Shot Counter. Granted February 2012
  • Weapon Monitoring System. Granted January 2013
  • Gas Operating System. Granted May 2013
  • Monitoring Firearms Environments. Granted October 2014
  • Gas Operating System Components. Granted April 2015
  • Buffer Retaining Pin. Granted February 2019
  • Upper Receiver and Handguard. Granted March 2019
  • Bolt Carrier with Modified Cam Path. Granted November 2019
  • Quick Release Gas Block securing System. Granted June 2020
  • Firing Pin Retaining Pin. Granted June 2020