Welcome to Considered Outlaws, the new Leitner-Wise lifestyle brand.

We’ll be offering unique limited run products that accurately reflect the ethos behind Leitner-Wise. Everything available is conceived, designed and either produced by us, or a selected vendor in the US using North American sourced raw materials. We are not badge engineering any of the products we offer here.
In order to offer distinctive takes on product lines, we will release collaborative collections with selected partners.

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5.56mm Combat Match Bolt

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US Patent No: 7,735,410

Leitner-Wise Combat Match refers to a component or set of components that offer unyielding combat reliability with the finesse, precision and accuracy of a match prepared part. When you ultimately need to rely upon the performance of your firearm, Combat Match components will absolutely deliver without question.

The Combat Match Bolt is the result of almost two decades worth of understanding and development of this critical component. Correcting the deficiencies in the legacy bolt design, manufacture and processing has resulted in outstanding reliability and an unparalleled consistency of performance.
A true, fully supported bolt face, lugs with dramatically increased surface area, no undercuts to the root of the bolt lugs adjacent to the extractor cut out, turned and ground between centers for absolute concentricity, and two rounds of shot peening create the final product. The last bolt you need to buy.
  • CNC Precision Machined
  • Heat Treated 9310 Alloy Steel
  • Fully Supported Bolt Face
  • Strengthened Lug Design
  • Shot Peened Surface Finish
  • Silicon Extractor Spring, Black Insert, and Crane O Ring
  • Lifetime Warranty
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