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We’ll be offering unique limited run products that accurately reflect the ethos behind Leitner-Wise. Everything available is conceived, designed and either produced by us, or a selected vendor in the US using North American sourced raw materials. We are not badge engineering any of the products we offer here.
In order to offer distinctive takes on product lines, we will release collaborative collections with selected partners.

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G2 Heavy Duty Buffer Retainer

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Product Details
US Patent No: 10,197,347
A development of our original Heavy Duty Buffer Retainer, having a precisely angled strike face that corresponds to the vertical plane of the buffer assembly giving greater area of surface contact. These are the last retaining pins you will ever need to buy.
  • CNC Swiss Screw Machined
  • 4140 Steel
  • Black Ferratic Nitride Surface Treatment
  • Rotation Inhibited
  • Self-Centering

The Leitner-Wise Design Heavy Duty Buffer Retainer offers a larger and stronger surface to hold the buffer in place during sustained and full automatic fire. The patent pending new Generation 2 HDBR has even more surface area contact with the buffer and the retainer is self-centering and rotation inhibited.

The $15.00 MSRP is substantially more than the $2 retainers that can be found at Midway or Brownells. But quality, durability and longevity come at a price. If you are a true AR-15 aficionado or just a really cool guy/chick building a death-dealing elite operator rifle, the Leitner-Wise Design Heavy Duty Buffer Retainer is for you.

CNC Swiss Screw machining 4140 steel with black ferratic nitriding

Not compatible with AR-15 type rifles equipped with arm braces, fake suppressors, Chinese optics, bump stocks, folding stocks, binary triggers or Punisher skulls.

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